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We are pleased to be welcoming new residents into our care home and
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Health & Wellbeing

As well as there always being a trained nurse on duty, we also have access to a doctor on call 24 hours a day to make sure our residents’ medical needs are appropriately prioritised and catered for.


We have both dentists and opticians who visit and can ensure optimum oral and visual health whilst a hairdresser and a chiropodist contribute to a resident’s sense of normality and a preservation of their positive self-image.


The food at Homelands is second to none, with every meal being carefully prepared from top quality local produce and varied monthly rolling menus that change with the seasons to keep mealtimes interesting and fulfilling. In addition to answering a resident’s physical needs, we also have visiting clergy to answer any spiritual needs, in line with the specified faith and denomination of the resident.



Social Activities

We always welcome suggestions for different activities that residents might enjoy and hold formal quarterly meetings with residents and any family or friends who wish to attend to plan the activities for the next quarter. Once the group has agreed a schedule, we actively communicate what’s going on to the whole resident population via a monthly newsletter, providing the opportunity to get involved or not as they wish.


A side from residents’ chosen social activities, we have monthly entertainment taking place in the home, from visiting musicians to celebrations and events around significant calendar dates. We also have a good collection of large print books, games, jigsaw puzzles, music CDs and DVDs that are always available for anyone who wishes to use them.



Hobbies & Interests

It is both our responsibility and our pleasure to help residents maintain or re-develop a range of hobbies and interests; often we find that this encompasses helping them to discover new things to enjoy during their later years. Just because someone is in our care, it does not mean they have lost the interest or necessarily the ability to partake in hobbies and interests that brought them pleasure when they lived independently.


We will actively encourage and support them in pursuit of any suitable activity that they are able to

participate in.


Among our residents we have keen gardeners, model makers, artists, embroiderers, writers, and enthusiasts of all flavours from music, literature, radio, TV, sport, games and even those who enjoy nothing better than sharing a pint with friends who have taken them to the local pub.


Health & Wellbeing
Social Activities
Hobbies & Interests

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